Tax Return Verification (TRV) Reports from Strategic Information Resources have been Approved by Fannie Mae for Day One Certainty (D1C)

SIR is pleased to announce that our TRV Reports are now being accepted by FNMA for rep and warrant relief offered through its Day One Certainty initiative.

The TRV report (4506-t transcript report) is used to verify Social Security Number, along with self-employment, retirement and commission income types. As you may know, the Fannie Mae validation processes offered through Day One Certainty offer processing and underwriting time saving benefits, along with rep and warrant relief. Each component such as employment, income and asset verification gets validated separately and issued its own rep and warrant. Lenders may submit information on all components or just one or two for DU validation. More information may be found at fanniemae.com.

Strategic Information Resources is hard at work to ensure that the information we supply to our market is ultimately approved by Fannie Mae for this program. In the case of our TRV Reports, our technology partner, Sharper Lending, is the named approved provider. The recent approval of the TRV (4506-t) Report adds to SIR’s list of approved products available to our customers for D1C. This list of approved products includes: Verification of Employment including the Work Number, Account Chek by Form Free and now, TRV Reports. We at SIR are very proud to be an approved Fannie Mae vendor for participation in Day One Certainty. As one of our happy customers recently said, “it is so nice to work with a strong partner like SIR, that is always working on our behalf”.

Contact us at productsolutions@strategicinfo.com or by phone at 800.332.9479 x360 to coordinate using our data products for participation in Day One Certainty.